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Does spray foam insulation have building code approvals?
What is the difference between vented and unvented attics?
What is the difference between open cell and closed cell spray foam?
How does spray foam insulation save money when compared to fiberglass or cellulose?
Will spray foam insulation stay in place?
How long does spray foam last?
Is spray foam considered an air barrier?
Does spray foam insulation aid in the growth of mold?
How is spray foam insulation installed?
How does spray foam insulation control moisture movement and condensation?
What is the flame spread and smoke development of spray foam insulation?

Is there an odor? If so, should I be concerned?
Can I make my house too airtight?


You have to build tight and ventilate right. Air leakage needs to be controlled in houses by making wall and attic assemblies as tight as possible. This not only prevents drafts but reduces the amount of airborne noise and dust from entering the building while ensuring that insulated cavities remain moisture-free. With the proper use of exhaust fans and heat/energy recovery ventilators, a building envelope can be made tight while, clean healthy, air is circulated through the structure.

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